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Weiser Family Farms Making Waves in Grain

This past Saturday, the LA Times featured a great story on Alex Weiser and his family farm in Tehachapi.  At New School of Cooking, we are huge fans of what Weiser Family Farms grows and literally brings to the table in terms of fresh, local produce.  This story is all about what Weiser and other nearby farmers are doing to bring back grains to the farmlands of Southern California. Their endeavor is called the Tehachapi Grain Heritage Project.

“Weiser and a small collective of farmers and friends have been working to bring back landrace grains, a traditional, drought-tolerant crop, as a way of meeting the resurgent interests of local bakers and brewers, as well as a recalibrated climate.” Amy Scattergood, LA Times

The ultimate goal is to provide Los Angeles and other local markets with quality grains for milling, baking, brewing and anything else chefs, bakers and brewers can think of.  So many flours are produced un-traditionally these days. Weiser and neighbor and fellow farmer Jon Hammond, want to take grains back to original ways of processing, keeping them whole and free of GMO’s.

To read more about story please visit: LA Times Food

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