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We Love ROSIES Foundation

One of our highlights from 2015 was working with our neighbors at ROSIES Foundation here in Culver City.  ROSIES is an acronym which stands for “Removing Obstacles, Supporting Innovation, Empowerment and Sustainability” and was created to offer training and employment opportunities for those with various learning or developmental disabilities.  ROSIES gives everyone a chance at a productive work life. We were happy to host ROSIES students on a weekly basis and will continue to do so for 2016.  Under the management of our purchasing manager, Gerard Jiron, they helped us to manage our kitchen storage and other various tasks.  We were beyond impressed with their attitude and work ethic!


Founder and CEO, Lee Chernotskly, was inspired to help others by his own struggles as a student with Attention Deficit Disorder, (ADD).  It was his Grandmother Rose, who helped him to understand that what he saw as challenges, were actually strengths when applied properly.  That is why, he founded ROSIES, to educate those who feel that struggle and teach them how to, “harness their unique skills, passions, and personalities to thrive in personally meaningful employment. ”

We are happy to be a place were ROSIES students can come and experience a real job situation.  If you are interested in learning more about ROSIES foundation, please visit their website at


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