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The Cake Comb

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With the popularity of baking shows – think Cake Wars, Ace of Cakes, The Great British Baking Show and many, many more, the interest in decorating cakes has risen fairly dramatically in the last decade.

Home bakers are now armed with the tools that were once just the domain of professionals and experts. One of those tools – the cake comb, is considered indispensable by the pros.

Typically made of stainless steel or plastic, the square or triangular disc has serrated edges, which are used to make decorations in cake frosting. It is also called an icing comb, a frosting comb or a decorating comb. Using the tool to smooth the frosting and create small lines, gives the cake or pastry a more professional look.

According to Briana Bielucke, Executive Chef at New School of Cooking, it’s always difficult to get students to try it. “But once they do they totally understand why it’s such a great tool,” she said. She maintains the tool is amazing to get a seamless smooth look. “Because the tool is light and easy to handle, it allows you to master a smoothing technique. It’s not about scraping.” She rarely uses the serrated edge of the cake comb – the edge that creates the lines. “I like to use the straight edge of the cake comb to create a very clean, smooth look,” she said.

It is a tool that both beginners and experts use, but she maintains that it is incredibly helpful for a beginner, because it’s easier to use than many of the other cake decorating tools and allows you to get a polished look, with just a bit of practice.

And for under $10, it’s a tool that is well worth adding to your decorating kit.

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