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One Hell of a Huller

chefn strawberry huller kitchen tool

Strawberry season is upon us and if you’re planning on making large quantities of strawberry jam, strawberry shortcake or anything else “strawberry” for a crowd, you might want to invest in a strawberry huller.

By many accounts, the Chef’n StemGem strawberry huller is the best on the market. It’s fun, fast, efficient and even safe for kids to use. And it’s cleverly designed to look like a strawberry, so there won’t be any confusion with that and the cherry pitter in the gadget drawer.

The small tool works just like a tiny claw. You push down on the green plastic strawberry leaf handle, to expand the claw. Then you grab the stem of the strawberry with it, push down and twist to pull the stem and the green leaves neatly off the strawberry. This method doesn’t remove any of the strawberry flesh so it cuts down on waste. The method is also speedy.

This one task gadget may only get taken out once a year during strawberry season, but experts agree, if you can find room in a drawer it’s well worth the investment and trumps using a simple paring knife any day. It’s $7.95.

Get your own Chef’n StemGem here  (affiliate link)

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