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Raindrop Cakes Debut in Brooklyn

This is not a prank, we promise.  This really is a cake…that looks like a raindrop. Chef Darren Wong, has brought this incredibly unique Japanese dessert to the states after reading about it in articles. He was immediately inspired and began the trial and error process of mastering the art of this dream-like treat.  After many attempts, he finally got the recipe perfect and his raindrop cakes are on now on their way to public consumption.  Their official debut happened at Smorgasburg, a weekend food showcase in Brooklyn, NY, on April 2nd and 3rd. 

Adapted from the Japanese “mizu shingen mochi,” this delicate dessert is made from barely solidified water and agar and served with brown sugar syrup and roasted soy flour. Doesn’t necessarily make our mouths water, but it is something we would try! 

In an interview by Aly Walansky with FWX, Wong stated:

“This is a unique food experience. Firstly, it looks really cool. It kind reminds me of that scene from A Bug’s Life where they drink water drops off of leaves. Second, the texture is so unique; it’s very delicate and fragile. Third, the combination of textures and flavors goes together so well. There are very few foods that engage this many senses at the same time, which is what attracted me to this dessert in the first place.”

Wong plans on expanding his business soon.

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Photo Credit: Tim Ireland for Food & Wine

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