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Meet Our Grad: Imran Syed

Imran Syed came to New School of Cooking as a clinical nutritionist with some family restaurant experience, but wanted to get a better understanding of how meals were professionally prepared.   He completed our ProCooking Course in June of of 2015 and has been making serious moves toward achieving his ultimate goal of becoming a BBQ pitmaster. He is currently working under former French Laundry Chefs, Timothy Hollingsworth, Rory Herrmann and Micheal Kahikinaat Studio City’s BBQ hot spot, Barrel and Ashes

It’s no coincidence that this is where Syed ended up.  He did his research and didn’t want to work under just anyone, he wanted to work under true masters.  When he discovered that these chefs were the talent behind Barrel and Ashes, he knew he had to take the opportunity. Syed started BBQing with his uncle at age 16.

I always knew I wanted to do BBQ – the braising and taking it to the next level with smoking.  For now I want to learn as much as possible.  

Before moving to Los Angeles he lived in New York and helped out at his brother’s restaurant in the evenings.  He assisted in curating the menu which had Indian and Pakistani influences – this is what first sparked his culinary interest on a level beyond “just for fun”. 

Syed decided to make the move to Los Angeles two years ago.  While still working his day job as a nutritionist, he made the time to research culinary schools and came across New School of Cooking. 

The program was affordable and contemporary and I really like what they were aiming for.

While in class he enjoyed the friendly, hard-working staff and the intimate class size.  Syed also took it upon him self to volunteer as an assistant in other classes as well, to really absorb as much knowledge as possible.

Eventually Syed would like to have his own restaurant, but for now he is enjoying every moment of the process. He is most impressed with the discipline in the Barrel and Ashes kitchen thanks to the French Laundry standards his chefs brought with them. 

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