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Lois Cozyris Opening Saturday at the Cafe

lois cozyris art exhibit at the cafe

For Lois Cozyris, the inspiration for her paintings come from the deep yellow of a dress, the shadow of a leaf on the wall, the lines of a cracked driveway, the luminescence. After teaching art for over thirty years, she now, in retirement, has the opportunity to delve into her on creativity through art.

Cozyris is one of the many artists and students who are part of the program at the Ilana Bloch Studio 33. Ilana Bloch, a teacher and a professional artist for over thirty-five years, gives her students the opportunity to show their work, often for the first time.

“Many of my students are so talented and this gives them the opportunity to expand their audience and really be a part of the community here in Culver City,” said Bloch.

Bloch’s work is exhibited in galleries, cultural art centers, private and corporate collections, as well as being featured in many publications including the Los Angeles Times. She holds a BFA and teaching credentials from California State University Northridge.

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