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In Case You Missed It – April 28, 2017

weekly roundup of food news

A quick round up of “Must Reads” we don’t want you to miss.

You don’t want to miss Samin Nosrat’s piece “The Single Most Important Ingredient” all about salt, in the New York Times. Nosrat is author of the recently published “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking”.

Mayukh Sen interviews Ruby Tandoh about her new project “Do What You Want”, a stand alone zine which addresses food and mental health. The proceeds go to some of the U.K.’s leading mental heath charities.

And here’s an excerpt from the zine:

Check out Farley Elliot’s story a “Passionate New Kickstarter Project Could Be a Pressed Juice Juggernaut for South LA”.

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