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Grecia Parra

Grecia Parra graduated the Advanced Culinary Program in December 2014.  She always knew that she wanted a career in food and her experience at New School of Cooking has helped her to launch her ultimate life goals.

Something Parra loved about her experience at New School was the in-depth technique training.

“The techniques taught to us were very important.  That’s not something you can get from just watching a Youtube video.”

Parra’s passion for cooking and travel has been magnified since leaving our program.  She has launched her blog, Salt and Leisure, where she documents her recipes, dining experiences, and travel escapades.

She plans on spending time with her Grandmother later this year, who cooks the best food she has ever tasted, even in comparison to the numerous renowned restaurants she has dined in.

Parra’s big dream is to one day have her own cooking show on The Food Network.  We have great faith that she can do it!

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