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French Pastries with a Twist

Plain butter croissants are SO old news (who are we kidding – we’ll never get over their flakey, buttery goodness!). However, there are so many other French pastries out there that don’t get enough love. Pitchoun! Bakery is a cozy bakery downtown that offers fine baked goods and French pastries with a unique twist. Their offerings perfectly merge classic and authentic French pastries with some very modern and creative additions. We talked to our friend Fabienne Souliès, co-owner of Pitchoun! Bakery, to walk us through some of her favorites.

*Croissants…we’re sorry for what we said. We’ll always love you!

morning-bun-croissant-raspberryRaspberry Croissant

Fabienne: The technique of making it is special as you’ll find 2 layers of dough rolled together, one red and one normal! I think we’re the only one in Los Angeles to bake bicolored croissants!

Our take: You had us at croissant! We love this item because it puts a unique twist on the plain butter or even chocolate croissant- plus, we love the bright color!

Matcha Tea Éclair

matcha-eclairFabienne: A green ‘pate a choux’ eclair with a Matcha tea custard. We use a premium Ceremonial Matcha inside the pastry and incorporate into our pastry cream. We’re low on sugar as always in our fine pastries to enhance the real taste of the ingredient used. The final taste and visual are intense for Matcha lovers! We’re the only one to carry this pastry, that’s a pure creation by Pitchoun!

Our take: Perfect for the reader who needs more zen AND pastry cream in their life!

Saint Honoré

st-honore-french-pastry-dessertFabienne: This pastry has such a history behind it and the real French recipe is not often seen in the US. Invented in 1846 by the pastry Chef Chiboust in France, this traditional dessert is composed of ‘choux’ (cream filled puffs), that have been caramelized, placed in circle above a pie dough and filled in the middle with Chiboust cream and Chantilly on top (whipped cream). Then, a finish with thin hard caramel decoration is usual in France but requires skill as it has to be really thin and clear, and rolled or placed on top to look like a delicate touch, kind of like a cloud.

Our take: We love the look of this dessert- definitely a statement. Perfect for any celebration, it looks beautiful and is delicious too!



You can find all of these pastries over at Pitchoun! Bakery in Downtown LA. And be sure to keep an eye on their website. We can’t wait to see what they do next!

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