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Final Call for Spring Night Classes

final call before prices go up

It’s spring and the days are longer – the evenings lighter. Take advantage of our last evening Pro Cooking and Pro Baking courses until the fall. These classes are ideal for aspiring Pro Cooks and Pro Bakers who have full time, Monday through Friday daytime work schedules.

final call for culinary night classesPRO COOKING
April 25, 2017 6:30 pm to 10:30 pm

Learn to cook like a pro in just twenty weeks. Advanced pasta making techniques, chicken fabrication, charcuterie, wine pairing, stocks and sauces and many more tips, techniques and tricks to create the skill set to move seamlessly into the culinary world, or just cook like a pro in your own home kitchen.

April 27, 2017 6:30pm to 10:30pm

Learn to bake like a pro in just ten weeks. Savory yeasted breads and sweet enriched breads, preserves, pie making, expert cake techniques and many more skills and techniques will be taught in this intensive ten-week program. This is perfect for those aspiring bakers and pastry chefs thinking about shifting into a new career or running your own business.

Spring Bonus for Early Birds

We are accepting applications for our July 11th Culinary and Baking & Pastry Diploma Program. There will be an increase to $14,500 on April 19, 2017, but if your application is in before April 19th, the tuition will remain at $12,500.
Financial Assistance is available for those who qualify.

For more information or to sign up, please all or email:

Justin Cuevo, Director of Admissions

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