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DIY: Kitchen Pegboards

By Gemma Simko

I have wanted a pegboard in my kitchen ever since I saw the scene in Julie & Julia where Paul Child (Stanley Tucci) gingerly hangs up Julia Child’s (Meryl Streep) pegboard and beloved pots and pans. Pegboards are a simple and effective way to organize your kitchen, as well as display all of your kitchen gear.  Whether you’re looking to perfect your organization game or to jazz up an empty wall–pegboards are a great way to go. Below are a few tips and some inspiration to make it happen!

Some Tips for Getting Started

  • Explore Your Options. There are plenty of pegboards and accessories designed for the kitchen that you can buy online, but a trip to your local hardware store can be just as effective. Do some pricing research and find out what works best for you and your space. I don’t know too much about home improvements, so I prefer to go to the hardware store and talk with someone about exactly what I want out of the project, what my budget is, and how I can make it happen (I even bring inspiration pictures and photos of my own space so they can show me exactly what I need to purchase).
  • Safety first! This is a great project, but a substantial project. Make sure you have done your research about what tools and hardware you’re going to need. Be careful about hanging things over the stove, and be sure items are hung correctly and securely. You definitely don’t want your beautiful cast iron skillet to come crashing down* on your dinner guests feet!
  • Get Stylin’! The best part of kitchen pegboards is that they are so customizable. You can choose a color to compliment your current kitchen style or revamp your space with a totally new accent color (personally, I’d love to do a mint or metallic color to brighten up my tiny kitchen). It also doesn’t just have to be for kitchen tools- you can maximize your space with  a hybrid board that includes sections for other needs like a calendar, bills box, and other home storage.

Don’t be afraid to hire a contractor to help with this project. If you aren’t feeling confident in your construction skills, there’s no shame in hiring a professional. After all, your cooking tools are prized possessions, as are your dinner guests!



I rent my apartment, so sadly I’m not sure I’ll be hanging up a pegboard anytime too soon. Until then, I will continue to dream via our Pegboard Inspiration board on Pinterest, which you can check out here! Or maybe I’ll just go for it- there’s nothing a batch of “Please Give Me My Security Deposit Back” brownies can’t fix, right?

Top Photo courtesy of Sony Pictures, Article Photo courtesy of David Carson, For USA TODAY

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