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Cereal – Beyond the Bowl

cereal bars are the new foodie trend

Clearly cereal is not just for breakfast anymore. It has jumped from the bowl to the bakery and bar, bringing with it a combo of comfort and nostalgia. A category that might be called “Intentional Cereal” is being consumed, not just because there is nothing else to eat, but for creative value and fun. It has generated interest, amusement and investment across New York by a wide range of foodies.

Major players are jumping on the trend. Chef Christina Tosi poured the first at “Milk Bar Bakery” with her cornflake cookies, soft serve cereal ice cream and milk shakes, and has even trademarked Cereal Milk as a stand alone beverage, reminiscent of the milk left at the bottom of the bowl. Milk Bar Bakery is part of the highly acclaimed Manhattan based Momofuku Restaurant group created by Korean American Chef David Chang.

Another NYC baker with 13 city locations is Baked by Melissa, a bite size bakery, featuring a cereal topped mini muffin this month called simply Cereal. This confection has Fruity Pebbles baked in, with Fruity Pebble streusel on top.

Kelloggs, the sugar daddy of cereal, opened Kellogg’s NYC, a cereal centric restaurant in Times Square that features cereal served up with a side of other items. Froot Loops four ways and Special K – all day, literally.

Upholding breakfast values upstate, husband and wife team Lisa and Mike make Mu Mu Muesli, an authentic no sugar cereal (and pancake mix). Further West, Upstate Granola is a family operation on a maple processing farm and their mail order only cereal and bars have considerably less sugar than some of the flashier Manhattan options.

Serial cereal. It’s breakfast somewhere.

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