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Armena Jehanian

In December 2015, Armena Jehanian graduated our 6-month Professional Baking and Pastry Arts Program. Jehanian came to New School of Cooking after a career working in creative marketing communications for Mattel.  Growing up, her mother baked everything from scratch.  This made a lasting impression.  She always knew that baking would become an important part of her life someday.   After taking a baking boot camp class, then Pro Baking at New School of Cooking, she knew that she had to enroll in the 6-month diploma program to truly master her skills as a baker and fulfill her dream of becoming a pastry chef.

While her training was in progress, she launched Project Bake Share, a way for her to share her baking products with her community.  Knowing she would have lots of leftover treats from class each day, she thought sharing them via her instagram account, with neighbors and friends would be a good idea. She would snap a photo of what she baked in class then set-up a “tasting table” in her driveway and people would stop by for a bite.

 “I wanted to share everything I baked with friends and family.  People were inspired.  I wanted to keep that dialogue going.”

And a few months later, she has!  In February, Jehanian hashtagged one of her baking creations, Lemon Cloud Cupcakes, with #youonthechew and sure enough, her recipe was selected be featured on ABC’s Culinary Talk Show, The Chew!  Only two months after graduation, she has had a recipe featured on a huge food show, we couldn’t be more proud of her!



Next on her list is a month long trip to Paris, London and Armenia.  Not only does she want to visit the European cities of traditional baking and some of the world’s best pastries, she also wants to explore her heritage in Armenia and the ancient desserts and bread baking techniques of the country.  Jehanian might have a bakery down the line, but for now she is working on the evolution of Project Bake Share, looking for inspiration enjoying the journey of the taste while baking out of her own home.

*Get her Famous Lemon Cloud Cupcake Recipe Here!

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