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Andrew Do

Kimchi Pancake, Narcotic Kimbap, Royal Rice Cakes…these were just a few of the South Korean-Street Food inspired dishes at graduate Andrew Do’s first pop-up dinner last month – a success with 50 guests in attendance at New School of Cooking’s temporary studio space.  Do graduated the Professional Culinary Arts Program last December and  isn’t wasting any time setting his career on fire. In addition to his pop-up venture, Issé, which is Korean slang for “second generation Korean-American” he works on the line at Hollywood’s Wood & Vine under Executive Chef Kyle Shute.

“I always had a desire for cooking.” Do says.  He originally went to school for communications, but couldn’t continue to neglect his passion for cooking.  He found the program at New School of Cooking and decided it was the best option in Los Angeles for what he wanted to accomplish in his future. “It had a great atmosphere – very inviting.”

Issé is Do’s culinary playground.  It’s his first taste of the restaurant world on his own terms.  His goal is to create unique, Korean-style street food, while “utilizing new techniques and maintaining tradition.”  Each dinner includes 5 – 6 courses and is served family style.  Dessert and beverages are also included.  This week, Do is set to host his second pop-up downtown and plans on keeping the momentum going by doing at least one pop-up a month for the rest of the year. His ultimate goal is to open a brick and mortar, which eventually will turn into multiple restaurants.

I think that New School of Cooking offers a great foundation and is a great way to ease into the culinary industry – it lets you find what you want to do.

Do’s culinary heroes include Cory Lee, Paul Bocuse, his current Wood & Vine Boss Kyle Shute and his brother who is a chef in Miami.

This month’s seating is sold out, but if you are interested in joining the mailing list for Issé please visit






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